Expert Roundtable 3:

Multipolarity and the New Realities of Global Politics: Türkiye as a Stabilising Power

As the global system continues to move towards multipolarity, new powers have emerged seeking to make their mark on the shifting global system. Türkiye is no exception, and recent years have borne testimony to Ankara’s growing role in regional and global affairs. Over the course of the last decade, Türkiye has emerged as a stabilizing regional power and has played an active role in resolving global crises and ending regional conflicts. Its role in the Libyan conflict, and its proactive diplomatic engagement in the Russia- Ukraine war, including the Ukraine Grain Deal, are but two of the most recent examples.

In addition to Türkiye’s proactive engagement with conflicts and crises, Turkish foreign policy has consistently reflected the idea that the international system needs to reflect the new emergent global reality. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been one of the most vocal advocates for the restructuring of key international institutions, the most important being the United Nations Security Council, leading the charge for reform with his mantra that “the world is bigger than five.” This session will discuss the future of Turkish foreign policy, its position, and its promises as a stabilising power amidst the challenges and opportunities of the emerging global system.

Discussion Themes
What factors have led to Türkiye’s international rise? What strategies has it used to pursue and achieve its objectives?
How have established powers reacted to the rise of the Türkiye? How will regional and international dynamics affect its position?
Does Türkiye seek to reform the global order? How can Türkiye’s efforts toward establishing peace and stability be capitalized on sustainably?