Expert Roundtable 5:

A New Vision for Eurasia: The Global Rise of the Organisation of Turkic States

While the rise of Eurasia has been continuously discussed over the last years, the emergence of the Organisation of Turkic States as a new global actor in the region is increasingly becoming a part of these debates. Most recently, the Organisation marked a milestone in cementing this notion by adopting ‘Turkic World Vision 2040’ in its last summit held in November 2021 in Istanbul. The strategic document presents a roadmap to achieve a set of common goals and has a particular emphasis on the development of commercial and economic relations.

This growing cooperation and solidarity among the member states and Türkiye’s ascendance as agenda setter in the Eurasian landscape has been a game changer for the great powers. With both Russia and China having vested geopolitical and economic interests in Central Asia, it remains to be seen whether they will approach this change in the balance of power as a potential threat or an opportunity to forge partnerships. For the Turkic states, this new vision of deepening cooperation provides an alternative path for attaining regional stability and prosperity. This session will explore the main tenets of the Organisation of Turkic States’ strategies while discussing existing challenges and future prospects.

Discussion Themes
What are the key challenges associated with the use of new technologies in governance?
What are the key targets of ‘Turkic World Vision 2040’ that set guidelines for future cooperation and what is the proposed roadmap to achieve these goals?
How will the institutionalisation of the Organisation of Turkic States impact great power competition between China, Russia, the European Union and the United States in the region?
What role does the Organisation of Turkic States play in Turkiye’s ‘Asia Anew Initiative’ that aims to broaden the country’s economic and trade cooperation with Asian nations?
Can the Organisation of Turkic States contribute to the stability of Central Asia and the Caucasus as a constructive instrument in resolving regional conflicts?
How can Turkic States collaborate on global issues such as climate change, terrorism and xenophobia?