Public Session 6

All-Knowing AI: Creative Potential or Disruptive Evil?

The extensive use of AI has sparked both fascination and concern, as it raises questions about its creative potential and potential for constructive and destructive consequences across various sectors such as politics, media, healthcare, entertainment, culture, and the economy. The capacity of artificial intelligence in particular raises concerns as it raises the potential to replace or dominate the human race  in information dissemination. This could significantly impact the labour market and lead to negative repercussions for employees.

On the other hand, it is clear that AI capabilities are leading to revolutionary innovations, reshaping industries and opening up new opportunities for human progress. Embracing AI-driven technologies holds the promise of improving human lives, optimising decision-making and unlocking untapped knowledge.

The session will address the dual nature of AI, evoking both fascination and concern. Speakers will discuss the possible creative potential of AI in different sectors, the ways it can revolutionise industries and the horizons it can open for human progress.

Discussion Themes

  • How can we use the creative potential of AI to revolutionise various sectors and drive human progress, while mitigating its potentially disruptive consequences?
  • How can AI-driven technologies be used to improve decision-making, and unlock untapped knowledge, while ensuring justice, transparency and accountability?
  • What measures should be taken to develop robust AI governance frameworks that prioritise ethical development and deployment, avoiding exacerbating societal divides?
  • How can we ethically integrate AI into the realm of media and journalism to enhance information dissemination and public engagement while avoiding misinformation and biases?