Expert Roundtable 1:

European Security and the Future of the Transatlantic Relations

The war in Ukraine has become a catalyst for greater cooperation and cohesion among transatlantic partners despite an ongoing series of bilateral disagreements between Europe and the United States. In this regard, with Europe facing its most important crisis since the end of the Cold War, security and defence policies have been thrust to the top of the agenda. While this challenging environment has reignited debates on the balance between Europe’s long-sought strategic autonomy and the United States’ continued centrality to European security, the war in Ukraine has also provided space for the revitalisation of NATO at a time when the alliance’s relevance has been increasingly called into question. With a key emphasis on security, this session will explore the major trends and issues in transatlantic relations and analyse potential scenarios that could unfold in the coming decade.

Discussion Themes

How has the new security landscape altered European security policies and strategic orientation, both on an individual state and collective level?
Will the crisis in Ukraine renew a European push for strategic autonomy in the areas of security and defence or rejuvenate its partnership with the United States and, in turn, strengthen NATO?
Is there an inherent contradiction between these two potential outcomes?
In a post-Brexit Europe, how might changes in the internal balance of power in Europe impact the future trajectory of transatlantic relations?
Beyond the immediate security and strategic concerns brought on by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, can the United States and Europe bridge their differences on a range of issues from migration and climate change to relations with China given their often divergent interests?