How Social Media Can Positively Transform Lives

Jerome Jarre begins his speech by pointing to the difference between those who create wars and those who oppose them. He explains that the main difference is that the pioneers of wars are in fact very well organized, contrary to pioneers of peace and love who are dispersed. Peace supporters should have a strategy and organize like an army, in what he described as the ‘Love Army’, in order to achieve their objectives. The focus is on creating a pure, uncorrupted space for all people who would like to participate without being involved in any governmental or commercial interests. In one year and a half, the Love Army initiative was able to raise 9 million dollars from 300 thousand donors, mostly young people who trusted in this movement. The focus was on hiring refugees and providing jobs for them instead of merely providing them with their immediate needs. From his experience on the ground with the Rohingya, Jarre explained how these refugees were fed up of being receivers of aid and wanted to be able to help themselves. He expressed his belief that large humanitarian operations are not able to change the world or make a real difference, precisely because they often fail to address root causes. If we want to change the world, it is important to look at the roots of the problems. He added that it is small actions that can change the world and that by helping one person, one is able to change the world. . More importantly, it is not always about money, people can also donate from their time. Finally Jarre added that when people begin by taking small steps, it becomes possible to stop agenda-driven media from dividing people and fragmenting society. Through engagement, we can become stronger and create a better world.