Public Sessions 2

Israel’s War in Gaza: Humanitarian Crisis and Prospects for Peace?

Recent escalations in Gaza have had major ramifications across the global stage, eliciting widespread concern. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s call for the evacuation of Gazans to the south, amidst the looming threat of a “complete siege,” has further heightened regional anxieties. Simultaneously, Palestinian officials have criticised international support for Israel, especially from the Western world, stating that such support has given the green light for war crimes. Israel’s deliberate strikes on civilian targets, coupled with its plans for an imminent ground assault, underscores the urgency of the situation.

This protracted conflict has severe consequences, including large-scale displacements, a significant casualty toll, and the emergence of a dire humanitarian crisis in Gaza—an issue underscored by the United Nations. Despite calls for accountability and Türkiye’s proposal of a guarantor status in a conflict resolution process, the prospects of a ceasefire appear increasingly elusive.

The panel will delve into the Israel-Palestine conflict, focusing on recent developments and international responses. Discussion points include an overview of recent developments, global responses and statements, the deepening humanitarian crisis, proposals for resolution, the role of regional players, international legal implications, and the path forward. The panel aims to facilitate an informed and diverse discussion about the ongoing crisis and potential solutions.

Discussion Themes

  • Considering the conflict in Gaza as a timely and tragic reminder, how do we address the recurring challenge of the apparent inadequacy of international institutions when dealing with crises on a global scale?
  • How can international support for Israel, particularly from Western nations, be balanced to encourage peace rather than further conflict in Israel/Palestine?
  • How can the international community work towards ensuring the protection and humanitarian assistance of civilians in conflict zones like Gaza, given the limitations of international institutions?
  • Considering the potential proposal for a guarantor system, what practical steps can be taken to ensure a fair and sustainable resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict that takes into account the concerns of all parties involved?