Public Session 5

Remaking the Global Economy

In the wake of recent events like ongoing conflicts and novel crises, such as the pandemic, the global supply chain has encountered unprecedented challenges, leading to inflationary pressures and financial uncertainties. Disruptions in the post-COVID era have underscored the need for improved economic governance and heightened resilience in the financial system. These global challenges, including the post-pandemic recession, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and the chip shortage, have compelled supply chains to transform, pushing for diversification of logistical routes to improve resilience.

Thus, new trends have emerged as companies grapple with supply chain complexities. Among them is adopting tech-led solutions for agile and adaptable supply chain management, since embracing innovative technologies not only helps mitigate the impact of disruptions but also fosters a more resilient supply chain ecosystem for the future.

The session will focus on addressing the fundamental issues, solutions, and best practices associated with global supply chains. In addition to shedding light on the path toward a more resilient and dynamic supply chain landscape capable of navigating the complexities of an ever-changing global environment, this session aims to explore the innovative strategies and tech-driven solutions that have emerged in response to these supply chain challenges.


Discussion Themes

  • What measures can be implemented in economic governance to mitigate the impact of recent global events on financial uncertainties, inflationary pressures, and overall stability in the global economy?
  • How have recent global events, such as the pandemic, ongoing conflicts, and the chip shortage, impacted the global supply chain, and what are the key challenges companies face in managing supply chain complexities amidst these disruptions?
  • In the wake of the post-pandemic recession and financial uncertainties, what measures can be taken to improve economic governance and enhance resilience in the financial system to ensure stability in the global economy?
  • What role do tech-led solutions play in fostering a more agile and adaptable supply chain management?