Public Session 5:

The Russia-Ukraine War: Lessons Learned

Recent military gains by Ukraine represent a significant setback for Russia and could mark an important turning point in the ongoing war with yet-to-be-determined consequences. Beyond the events taking place on the battlefield, the Russia-Ukraine war has had significant global reverberations. The economic impact continues to be felt, particularly due to rising food and energy prices, around the world with countries in the Middle East and Africa bearing the brunt of the resulting food insecurity and Europe facing a winter with no clear prospects for replacing Russian energy. The geopolitical and diplomatic impact has been no less significant. While the conflict continues to test existing international alliances, the importance of diplomatic engagement has once again risen to the forefront, particularly with regards to Türkiye’s proactive engagement with the conflict’s protagonists in search of a negotiated end to hostilities. This session will address the current state of affairs in Ukraine, focusing on the lessons learned thus far with a view to developing viable and sustainable solutions to bring about an end to the conflict.

Discussion Themes

How is the war in Ukraine reverberating across the world?
How has the war in Ukraine changed the humanitarian, military, and geopolitical calculus of regional and international actors?
The sanctions imposed on Russia have shown themselves to be a double-edged sword. What are the lessons learned in this new age of economic conflict?
What implications can be drawn from the Russia-Ukraine war in terms of global migration?
How has the war affected the prospects of international cooperation? What lessons can be drawn from the war regarding challenges facing NATO, in particular, and transatlantic cooperation in general?
Considering the negative effects of the war in several areas, from energy to migration, and food security to commodity prices, what lessons have been learned with regards to dealing with compounded crises?
What are possible post-war scenarios, and what do they look like for Ukraine and the wider region?