Public Session 1

Vision of Türkiye’s Century: Türkiye as a System-Building Actor

On the centenary of Türkiye’s establishment as a modern Republic, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has launched a new vision aimed at improving the significance of democracy, encouraging societal peace, and promoting economic well-being throughout the nation. In alignment with its new vision, Türkiye is demonstrating notable achievements in building a resilient economy and a powerful defence industry, while maintaining a proactive foreign policy stance that positions Türkiye as a key mediator and facilitator in the international diplomacy arena.

Furthermore, in the midst of a global landscape characterised by complex and multiple crises, Türkiye has adopted the “Century of Türkiye” vision in its approach to foreign policy. This vision aims to foster new forms of multilateralism, thereby contributing to the establishment of an inclusive international system that advances global and regional peace and security. Türkiye’s new foreign policy stance reveals a new and ambitious international vision that values institutionalisation, integration, adherence to principles, multilateralism, and cooperation.

Within the framework of past successes, current developments, and future endeavours, this session seeks to shed light on the strategies and pathways Türkiye can pursue to maximise its potential in the 21st century through proactive diplomacy, as both a mediator and facilitator in international relations.

Discussion Themes

  • What are the main contours of the “Century of Türkiye” regarding foreign policy? What role can Türkiye play in fostering regional stability and cooperation? How can Türkiye strengthen its diplomatic relations and build partnerships with neighbouring countries and key regional actors?
  • How can Türkiye promote new forms of multilateralism that can effectively advance its national interests and contribute to regional stability?
  • How can Türkiye position itself as a system-building actor in a rapidly evolving global landscape?
  • What strategies should Türkiye prioritise to make the “Century of Türkiye” vision a reality?