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The Global Food Crisis: Searching for Solutions on the Brink of the Abyss
Türkiye-Iran Relations: Synergy or Discord?
Decoding Lebanon’s Elections: The Road Ahead
Turkiye – Saudi Relations: Prospects and Challenges
Presidential Elections in France: An Outlook from the Maghrebi Communities
Turkiye – Israel Relations: Water Under Bridge?
Syria’s Humanitarian Tragedy: Coping with New and Old Crises
Russia’s Attack on Ukraine and European Energy Security
The Turkish Diaspora in Europe: An Assessment of the Past 60 Years
Russia-Ukraine Tensions: Can Diplomacy Prevail?
How will the ‘Green Deal’ change European foreign policy?
Tensions in Bosnia: A New Conflict on the Horizon?
The Failure to Hold Libya Vote and the Risk of Renewed Conflict
Rethinking the Role of Natural Gas in the Green Transition
Spoiler Alert: Iran and Regional Uprisings
The Global Impacts of Biden’s Climate Policies: What Should We Expect?
Egypt: A Decade of Upheaval
Renewing the World with Renewable Energy in Post-pandemic Era
“Westlessness”: Multipolarity and the Meaning of the West
The Unparalleled Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen
A New Era for the Palestinian Struggle?
Israel’s Latest Escalations Against the Palestinians: What Comes Next?
A Decade of Displacement: Syrian Refugees in Turkey
Biden’s Challenge: Resetting EU-US Relations after Trump
A Long Time Coming: The Eruption of Public Grievances in Syria
Diplomacy and Uncertainty: How will the Intra-Afghan Talks Unfold?
After Brexit: The End of the EU?
Arab Spring 2.0: Past Lessons Unheeded in Algeria
Who Calls the ‘Shots’?: Vaccine Diplomacy in a Global Pandemic
No Going Back in Libya’s Civil War
A Decade After the Arab Spring: Setbacks and Gains
The Turkish-Cypriot Presidential Elections
The US Presidential Elections: Major Issues and Defining Features
The Jamal Khashoggi Trial:  Has Justice Been Served?
Understanding the Recent Armenia-Azerbaijan Confrontation
US Middle East Policy After the Arab Spring
France’s Ambitions in the Eastern Mediterranean
The Covid-19 Pandemic and the Future of Education
The UAE-Israel Deal: A Breakthrough on the Path to an Arab-Israeli Peace?
New Zealand’s Fight against Far-right Extremism After Christchurch
Understanding Rising Tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean
Turkey’s Energy Security: The Impact of Black Sea Gas
Humanitarian Work in an Age of Constant Crises
After the Explosion: What Comes Next for Lebanon?
Covid-19 and the EU: Crisis and Progress
The Libyan Conflict: Political Divisions and Foreign Interference
How Turkish Media Faced and Defeated the July 15th Coup Attempt
Turkey’s Security Priorities in the Aftermath of July 15th
How International Justice Failed in Srebrenica?
The UN’s Responsibility to Protect Srebrenica
The Enduring Denial of Genocide
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