Pınar Kandemir

Founder and Director

The widely-held belief that current world order with its values, principles and institutions would bring about global peace, security and prosperity has proved wrong on many occasions. The faith in the possibility of establishing a justice-based global governance has faded away with the recurrences of conflicts, humanitarian crises and economic injustices across the world. The international community has failed to find solutions to these problems. As such, this has led to a questioning of the very foundations of the order and a search for alternatives, particularly through enhanced regional cooperation.

The idea of TRT World Forum has emerged in such a context, where the need for imminent solutions to the most pressing issues is higher than ever. Having belief in the possibility of making a positive impact through the conversation of ideas, we have set out to provide a global platform where people with diverse backgrounds can discuss pertinent global issues and offer their solutions. TRT’s human-first perspective that prioritizes the concerns of human beings has constituted the linchpin of the Forum.

It is in this context that the previously held TRT World Forums in 2017 and 2018 have highlighted the uncertain and fragmented nature of the world and sought ways to achieve peace and security. The roles and responsibilities that can be undertaken by emerging powers have been discussed and the root causes of ongoing conflicts, civil wars and terrorism have been addressed. Elimination of humanitarian crises and improvement of humanitarian assistance have been given utmost attention together with the role of media in bringing about change.

Building upon the experience of the previous years, we seek to maintain our success in bringing together different ideas from across the world and provide solutions to the current problems in the upcoming Forum.