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Programme of 2019

Demystifying Turkey’s Operation Peace Spring

On the 9th of October 2019, Turkey declared the start of its third military operation in northern Syria since 2016. Named ‘Operation Peace Spring’, the operation is being carried out together with a coalition of Syrian opposition groups under the banner of the newly-established Syrian National Army.


The Allure of Identity Politics in a Globalised World

Recent history has problematized many of our assumptions about the trajectory of the world following the end of the Cold War, what Francis Fukuyama famously referred to as ‘the end of history’.


Globalisation in Retreat: Reflections on the World Order

The discourse on globalisation has for several decades built the image of a mighty political, economic and technological behemoth that sways states and societies.


NATO under the Gun: The Emergence of New Security Challenges

Traditional alliance structures and multinational organisations are being put to the test as their efficacy and relevance is being called into question, NATO is a prime example.


The Future of Turkey-US Relations: Political and Security Dimensions

In the past decade, US-Turkey relations have been through several ups and downs. Three problematic areas seem to be at the core of the divergence between both sides.


New Horizons for Emerging Powers: Co-operation or Competition?

Amid increasing political and economic instability and a deep sense of shifting global paradigms, emerging economies are trying to find their place in the international order and enhance their potential for economic growth.


Revisiting Humanitarian Diplomacy Towards Inclusive Development

Rapidly changing socio-political dynamics and shifting alliances mean that nations no longer rely solely on traditional diplomacy to communicate or achieve foreign policy objectives.


The Threat of Far-right Extremism: War on Terror 2.0?

Focused almost exclusively on Muslims and Islam, hostile acts, extremist ideology and politics of others, such as the far-right, were mostly ignored by the counter-terrorism frameworks adopted in Western states, despite the clear rise in white supremacy and far-right extremism online.


The Middle East at a Crossroad: Regional Responses to Shifting Challenges

Various political events and conflicts over the last several years have underscored the dynamic nature of regional geopolitics in the Middle East.


The Assassination of Jamal Khashoggi: A Reflection of Regional Politics?

The murder of Saudi journalist and Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi is not only a dark day in the history of journalism, but is also one of the most politically charged affairs to have taken place in recent years.


Trade Wars and the Risks to Global Growth

In recent years, various international players have resorted to trade wars as a means of settling political and diplomatic scores.


Managing Migration: Europe and the Refugee Crisis

Beginning in 2015, large numbers of people arriving to the European Union from across the Mediterranean or overland through Southeast Europe engendered political challenges in several EU nations.


The EU: A Vote of No Confidence?

Values and principles such as the rule of law, democracy and respect for human rights that make up the DNA of the EU are increasingly coming under direct threat by rising populism and ‘Euroscepticism’.

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