A Crisis of Connectivity: New Media and Trust-Formation

With increased digital transformation comes increased complexity and ambiguity. Users of new media technologies are now able to actively monitor and be a part of international events, aggregate and filter news and add their viewpoints to any given story’s narrative. As the world increasingly embraces digitisation, communication via digital platforms is increasingly raising questions regarding the nature of ‘truth’.

Digital platforms such as Facebook and Google are becoming the new gatekeepers of information which flows through these platforms without being filtered by professional journalists. In the commercialised environment of new media, people have come to rely on like-minded networks, increasing confirmation bias and facilitating the creation of alternative ‘truths’. This session’s report will highlight the challenges associated with global digital connectivity and the way news is received, as well as the issue of trust in online platforms and how it can overcome these barriers in order to transform digital media to be more ethical and trustworthy.