Closing Ranks: International Cooperation against Terrorism

The session “Closing Ranks: International Cooperation against Terrorism”, brought together experts and leading practitioners in order to discuss current challenges facing counter-terrorism cooperation around the world. The speakers addressed a variety of issues related to terrorism, including root causes and possible solutions moving forward. As part of the session, the panellists advanced various ways in which terrorism can be addressed, ranging from military force to de-radicalisation programs. State sponsorship of terrorism was discussed, particularly the issue of supporting one terrorist organisation against another in advancing what a particular state may see as its national interest, often at the expense of broader international security. The panellists expressed a variety of viewpoints on the subject matter but ultimately agreed that greater international cooperation was necessary if there is to be any hope of making positive strides against what is, in the end, a global issue. Furthermore, the panel agreed that a clear definition of terrorism should be advanced at the international level in order to avoid ambiguities that threaten global counter-terrorism cooperation.