Barnett Rubin

Director of Afghanistan-Pakistan Regional Project, CIC, New York University,

Barnett R. Rubin has worked at the CIC since July 2000. From 1994 until 2000, Barnett R. Rubin was the Director of the Center for Preventive Action and the Director of Peace and Conflict Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, New York. From April 2009 until October 2013, Barnett R. Rubin was the Senior Adviser to the Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan in the US Department of State. In November and December of 2001, during the negotiations which produced the Bonn Agreement, Barnett R. Rubin served as a special adviser to the UN Special Representative of the Secretary General for Afghanistan. He subsequently advised the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan on the drafting of the Constitution of Afghanistan, the Afghanistan Compact, and the Afghanistan National Development Strategy.