Elif Çomoğlu Ülgen Ambassador; General Director of Eastern and Southern Africa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Türkiye

Ambassador Elif Çomoğlu Ülgen, a seasoned diplomat, began her career with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1993 after graduating from the University of Ankara. She holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Bosphorus, Istanbul. Currently serving as the Director-General for East and South Africa at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, her diplomatic career has been extensive. Notable roles include Ambassador of Turkey to South Africa (2017-2021), Deputy Director General for Research in Ankara (2014-2017), and Turkish Consulate General In Dubai (2012-2014). With a diverse background, she has held positions at NATO in Brussels, the European Union, and diplomatic roles in Pakistan and Switzerland, showcasing a wealth of experience in various international contexts.