Murat Arayıcı Founder of Domingo Publishing House

Murat Arayıcı is the founder and owner of Domingo Publishing, a publishing house mainly focused in translated fiction, nonfiction, and children’s works. Prior to starting Domingo Publishing House, Mr. Arayıcı worked in Doğuş Holding’s strategic development and budget planning department; Doğuş Media Group’s strategic development manager responsible for outlets such as NTV, CNBCe, National Geographic, and Radio Eksen; and general manager of Doğuş İletişim, the group’s magazine publishing division that is the license publisher of well-known brands like National Geographic Turkey and F1 magazine.

Mr. Arayıcı obtained his Lycée de Galatasaray, BSc degree in Marmara Economy, and his degree in economic development and international trade at the University of Reading.