Nuh Yılmaz PhD; Chairman, Center for Strategic Research, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Türkiye

Dr. Nuh Yılmaz was appointed as the Chairman of the official think tank of Türkiye, Center for Strategic Research (SAM) of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on August 2023. Since June 2023 he has been serving as Chief Adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Before his move to the MFA, Dr. Yılmaz served at the Presidential Office of Türkiye for ten years in various capacities.

Dr. Yılmaz worked as a journalist, academic, columnist, and foreign policy analyst at various institutions. Dr. Yılmaz gave lectures at Marmara University, Trent University and George Mason University on various subjects ranging from Visual Culture Theory to Communication Theories. Dr. Yılmaz prepared and presented his own TV program entitled “Brifing Odası” focused on foreign policy and security. He served as the founding Director of the SETA Washington D.C. Office (2008-2011). Dr. Yılmaz was a visiting fellow at the European Council for Foreign Relations (2012-2013); and completed NATO Defence College’s Senior Course based in Rome (2020).