Selçuk R. Şirin

Professor of Applied Psychology, New York University,

Selçuk R. Şirin is a Professor of Applied Psychology at New York University. Dr. Şirin’s work focuses on the development of educational and psychological resources for marginalised youth. He has conducted studies with vulnerable children across the United States, Europe, and Turkey. His work has been published in Child Development, Developmental Psychology, Review of Educational Research, and Pediatrics, and has also appeared in the New York Times, BBC, CNN and Forbes. He is the co-author of Muslim American Youth as well as bestsellers Freedom or Misery: Turkey at the Crossroad, A Dream of Turkey, and Raising Children. He has received the Young Scholar Award from the Foundation for Child Development, the Review of Research Award from the American Educational Research Association, and the Jacobs Award for Social Innovation and Engagement from the Jacobs Foundation. Şirin has served on the National Academies of Sciences Committee on Supporting the Parents of Young Children.