Stéphane Duguin is the Chief Executive Officer of the CyberPeace Institute. For two decades, Duguin has analysed the weaponisation of technology against vulnerable communities. In particular, he studies multiple instances of the use of disruptive technologies (such as AI) in the context of counter-terrorism, cybercrime, cyberoperations, hybrid threats, and the online use of disinformation techniques. He leads the CyberPeace Institute intending to hold malicious actors to account for the harms they cause. His mission is to coordinate a collective response to decreasing sophisticated actors’ frequency, impact, and scale of cyberattacks.

Previously, Duguin was a senior manager and innovation coordinator at Europol. He led key operational projects to counter cybercrime and online terrorism, such as the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), the Europol Innovation Lab, and the European Internet Referral Unit (EU IRU). He is a thought leader in digital transformation and the convergence of disruptive technologies. His published works focus on implementing innovative responses to counter new criminal models and large-scale abuse of cyberspace.