Tolga Bilener Assistant Professor, Galatasaray University

Tolga Bilener is the Director of Galatasaray University’s Center for Strategic Research. After his master’s degrees in IR from Galatasaray University and Paris-II (Panthéon-Assas) University as a beneficiary of the European Commission’s Jean Monnet scholarship, he obtained his PhD from Grenoble-Alpes University with a dissertation on Turkey-China relations. He gives lessons at Galatasaray University on the geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific, Middle East Studies, International Security, History of Diplomacy, and History of Political Thought. Tolga Bilener published, co-published and co-edited several books including La Turquie et la Chine: une nouvelle convergence en Eurasie? (2019), Diplomacy and International Treaties in Ancient Anatolia according to Kültepe Tablets (2020), Global South and Emerging Powers (2021), along with numerous scholarly articles and book chapters.