Expert Roundtable 2:

Covering the Climate Crisis and the Imperative of Journalism

Commendable efforts have been undertaken to tackle the climate crisis. However, progress can sometimes seem slower than expected. While global political leaders and corporations have endeavoured to cut emissions and adopt more sustainable energy solutions, opinion leaders, journalists, advocacy groups, and citizens must keep the issue alive by constantly spreading awareness.

Reporting on climate issues is very important as it can provide the impetus for real action and help to improve audiences’ understanding while providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to help them adapt. Thus, it can be said that journalists have a significant role to play in the fight against climate change in general, and ensuring the public understands what is at stake in particular. In this session, the panellists will discuss the imperative for news outlets to keep climate coverage at the top of their agendas irrespective of the day’s news items.

Discussion Themes

What role does the media play in climate change discussion? How should the media talk about the climate crisis?
What are the specific challenges faced by journalists while covering the climate crisis? How can essential information be made more accessible to the public?
What lessons can we learn from the media response to the COVID-19 pandemic with regards to reporting on the climate crisis?