Fostering Global Consciousness in Times of Crisis

“Fostering Global Consciousness in Times of Crisis” expanded on this year’s Forum’s theme of increased international cooperation, and the adoption of collective solutions rather than competitive ones. The panelists spoke on the importance of various institutions, humanitarian organisations, the media, and even individuals in alleviating poverty and combating systematic and widespread injustices. In addition, they highlighted the importance of state participation in this process and of their working in tandem with worldwide humanitarian organisations.

The fragmented aspect of the today’s global order was analysed and put forward by the Director General and Chairman of TRT, Ibrahim Eren. Holding onto the theme of collective action to ensure human security, Ibrahim Eren emphasised the purpose of establishing TRT World; with its central mission to produce human stories with a balanced approach. In similar regard, Francesco Rocca emphasised the importance of how the migrants are portrayed by the media and how their human stories deserve to be told in a true and refined fashion, away from the dehumanising element that most politicians pursue.

As the panelists proceeded with their discussions, the shared approach by various international players was highlighted, especially with regards to the ongoing refugee crisis around the world. Borge Brende in this retrospect put forth Turkey’s accommodation of 4 million refugees, along with German and Scandinavian countries who have hosted refugees based on their population proportion. It was further stressed that the root-causes of such patterns shall be looked into along with creating opportunities for younger generations who are the victims of various conflict-ridden societies. Pierre Krahenbuhl accommodated similar prospects by suggesting opportunities to be provided to young men and women, allowing them to nurture their future.

In this regard, creating the right environment becomes necessary and key powerful political players hold responsibility to restart a course of action to address humanitarian issues. Conflicts are not just fuelled by local actors but also by external players, and accountability at all fronts becomes necessary. The discussants argued amongst these prospects and how the changing world dynamic amongst key-players should also accommodate policies towards emerging economies in order to provide balanced opportunities for every individual as a whole.