Public Session 5:

The Energy Crisis and Climate Change: Time to Turn Crisis into Opportunity?

Following the 2016 Paris Agreement, climate change has become a top agenda item around the globe. At last year’s COP26 in Glasgow, participants once again highlighted that effective climate action requires an entirely new level of global cooperation and a renewed commitment to net-zero emissions. However, since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, energy security concerns appear to be overshadowing decarbonisation efforts. As a new scramble for fossil fuel begins, polarisation appears to be deepening. In this context, any truly effective global decarbonisation efforts will be more dependent on international cooperation than ever. This session will discuss the importance of climate mitigation commitments and the challenges of coordinated action to achieve net-zero emissions targets.

Discussion Themes

How will the global action against climate change evolve in the future?
How can global climate policies be made more effective?
What does the green energy transition look like in an age of geopolitical crises, particularly as it relates to the renewed emphasis on energy security?
What are the key factors underpinning the energy crisis in Europe? How can it be sustainably addressed?
What are the opportunities and challenges for building a net-zero world in the face of the geopolitically-driven energy crisis we are witnessing today?